Xiaomi Android Smartphone Explodes While Inserting SIM – Shocking Video

A Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has literally exploded while inserting the SIM, with the whole incident caught on video by the CCTV cameras inside a store.

The video, which has since been removed and re-uploaded on different accounts, shows a Xiaomi Android smartphone being inspected by a shopkeeper at what is said to be a service center in Bangalore, India. It goes without saying that the device wasn’t connected to a charger, which could be a suggestion that the explosion was caused by a short circuit that took place through the SIM tray.

While details on the smartphone have so far been sketchy and many people thought the video was fake, Xiaomi India has actually confirmed the incident (not the video though) and even replaced the man’s phone with a new unit.

Xiaomi: It’s not our fault

But as far as the exploding device is concerned, Xiaomi says the explosion took place because the Redmi Note 4 was charged with a third-party charger and the device suffered… (read more)

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