WhatsApp to Offer Spam Warning Soon

Like all online services, WhatsApp is prone to spam messages, but the company is now testing a new method to mitigate this problem.

Spam messages in WhatsApp are not much of a problem per say because most of the time they are just wasting people’s time. Unless the spam is trying to get some money out of the user, it’s just stuff that gets in the way.

Receiving a message that just says you have to forward it to at least ten people so that WhatsApp remains free of charge doesn’t really do anything. The service is powerful enough so that it won’t crash even if a lot, of people, do forward that message. In the end, this particular spam message feels like a social experiment.

How to detect messages on an encryption network

The challenge for spam detection on WhatsApp is a problem of their own making. Since the service provides end to end encryption, it means that the company can’t really read messages. But what they can do is detect how many times a p… (read more)

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