WhatsApp Somehow Believes a 90-Day Limit for Disappearing Messages Would Be Cool

WhatsApp was, is, and will probably continue to be the preferred messaging apps for most mobile users out there, and while this won’t change in the short term, it doesn’t necessarily mean competitors aren’t trying to attract more and more users.

Both Telegram and Signal have benefitted from the WhatsApp exodus that started earlier this year and was caused by the controversial privacy update announced by Facebook.

And to make sure it’d take full advantage of users’ disappointment in WhatsApp, these services are focusing more and more on features that make a bigger difference between all messaging apps.

For example, Telegram has been offering for quite a while support for self-destructing messages as part of secret chats, and this is something that gained quite a lot of fans obsessed with their privacy.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

WhatsApp knew this was a must-have feature, so the company added support for disappearing messages earlier this yea… (read more)

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