WhatsApp Encryption Has Backdoor, Facebook Says It's "Expected Behaviour"

WhatsApp is believed to be one of the most secure messaging applications, considering that it has the ability to encrypt messages in conversations and its founders have said that not even they can access them. However, it seems that a backdoor allows WhatsApp messages to be disclosed.

Tobias Boelter, a cryptography and security researcher at the University of California, Berkeley told the Guardian that “If WhatsApp is asked by a government agency to disclose its messaging records, it can effectively grant access due to the change in keys.” The cryptographer discovered the security backdoor in WhatsApp and said that Facebook and others could potentially intercept and read encrypted messages in the app.

Facebook had claimed that no one can intercept <a href="http://news.softpedia.com/news/whatsapp-adds-giphy-search-and-raises-media-sharing-limit-t… (read more)

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