Twitter Stops Working on iPhone 6 Once and for All

Apple no longer ships updates to the iPhone 6, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all users out there have already abandoned this old device.

Not at all, as the iPhone 6 continues to be a perfectly capable device that’s up to the task for basic things like phone calls, chatting with friends, and taking good photos (though this may not be true by today’s standards).

However, the good thing is the iPhone 6 still runs many popular apps even without Apple updates. This is because software developers continue to support the device, though it goes without saying most of them are one by one giving up on this device as well.

Twitter, for instance, pulled the plug on the iPhone 6 last year when it officially dropped support for iOS 12 – this was the last version of the operating system available for the iPhone 6. Without support for the latest OS version that can be installed on the device, iPhone 6 owners couldn’t get the most recent Twitter app improvements.

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