The "Notch" Is Becoming a Trend in 2018, and You'll Have to Deal with It

Android vs. iPhone: Who’s Copying Whom Most? This is the number one question smartphone users are asking these days, and can’t help but notice a growing trend in 2018 of copying iPhone X’s notch by more and more Android phone manufacturers.

Last year, when Apple unveiled its 10th anniversary iPhone, which we all know as the iPhone X, the entire Android community laugh at them when they saw the so-called “notch” on top of the display. Just search YouTube for iPhone X parodies, and you’ll see what we’re talking about here.

The “notch” doesn’t have so many fans out there, as Apple should have released an iPhone with a full-screen display instead, but maybe that’s the best idea they have had yet. Half a year later, it turns out Android phone manufacturers didn’t have better design ideas either for their 2018 models and started adopting the “notch” too.

Your next Android smartphone will probably have a notch

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