Teardown Shows Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Specs Match Those of Exploding Note 7

An iFixit teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has revealed that the device uses a battery pack that has the same specifications as the one used on the Galaxy S8+ and on the infamous Note 7, which was eventually recalled due to overheating issues.

Back in 2016, Samsung retired an entire generation of the Galaxy Note after discovering that the devices shipped with faulty batteries posing a risk of fire. Due to excessing overheating, the battery burst into flames on several occasions, prompting a double recall from Samsung.

iFixit says the new battery on the Galaxy S9+ has the same specs, namely 3.85 V, 3500 mAh battery weighing in at 13.48 Wh.

In terms of safety, there is absolutely no concern, as matching numbers doesn’t necessarily mean that the same risks are involved. What’s more, Samsung’s devices are probably the safest devices right now following the Note 7 fiasco, as the Sout… (read more)

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