Smartphones with Self-Healing Displays to Arrive in 2020

Scientists from the University of California, Riverside have created a new material that has the ability to self-heal beyond just cuts and scratches, according to Business Insider. The material can conduct electricity and it might be featured on smartphones in 2020.

Researchers created the material out of “stretchable polymer and an ionic salt”, while particular ions and molecules attract each other and create the self-healing ability.

The team of scientists found that the material can stretch to 50 times its original size and features a special type of bond called an ion-dipole interaction, the force between charged ions and polar molecules. This gives the material the ability to regenerate itself and repair breaks or scratches.

In fact, several tests were conducted on the material and scientists found that cuts and scratches were quickly repaired. In less than 24 hours after th… (read more)

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