Smartphone Explodes, Flying Shrapnel Hits Owner in the Head and Kills Him

Exploding smartphones have become quite a problem for the entire industry, as in some extreme cases, they can lead to injuries suffered by their owners or even death.

This is what happened recently to Malaysian Ministry of Finance-backed Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd CEO Nazrin Hassan, who was killed by what his brother-in-law says was flying shrapnel from a phone that burst into flames.

Specifically, the brother, whose name was not disclosed, says Nazrin was charging his two phones, a BlackBerry and a Huawei, in his bedroom when one of them exploded, setting the room on fire. While the police say the man probably died from smoke inhalation, the brother-in-law says that what actually happened was that debris from the exploded phone hit Nazrin in the head, causing a severe trauma which eventually led to his death.

“He had two phones, one Blackberry and a Huawei. We don’t know which one exploded. Who would have thought such an innocuous routine procedure is the reason three y… (read more)

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