Samsung Won’t “Innovate” with 21:9 Display Aspect Ratio on the Galaxy S9

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S9 in the first quarter of 2018, and one of the biggest changes coming to the device is an increased screen-to-body ratio that could reach 90 percent.

While this could be a substantial improvement in terms of display experience, there were several rumors as to how Samsung could achieve the high ratio on the upcoming model. One of them claimed Samsung could make the Galaxy S9 even taller than the S8, in the end offering a display aspect ratio of 21:9.

This isn’t going to happen, according to a report from Dutch site GalaxyClub, who says that people close to the matter indicated the same 18.5:9 display ratio as on the Galaxy S8 would be offered on the next generation as well.

This means that Samsung would increase the screen-to-body ratio in a different way, and the one that makes more sense and aligns with previous speculation on the m… (read more)

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