Samsung Was the Number One Phone Maker in the First Quarter

While Apple’s iPhone is still selling like hotcakes, Samsung was the number one phone maker in the first quarter of the year, with no more, no less than 73 million sold devices, according to an analysis from BanklessTimes.

This puts Samsung ahead of Apple by approximately 17 million units, while also securing a market share of 23.4 percent for the South Korean company.

Apple, on the other hand, remained in the runner-up spot with 18 percent, while Xiaomi was third in the charts with 12.7 percent.

“Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi came in third After Apple. The outfit with Beijing headquarters shipped 39.9M phones in Q1 2022, accounting for nearly 13% of all the global smartphone consignment of that period. That said, the figure represented a roughly 18% dip in Xiaomi’s market share based on YOY terms,” the analysis reads.

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