Samsung Wants to Make Its Next Foldables Super-Durable

It’s not a secret that Samsung is betting big on its foldables in the long term, and the company is working on multiple fronts to improve the experience with this form factor.

And according to a recent report from Naver, one of the main focuses right now is making the screen of the next-generation Galaxy foldable more durable.

Without a doubt, this is good news.

The South Korean company has been trying to improve this aspect ever since it rolled out the original Galaxy Z Flip. Equipped with ultra-thin glass, this device more or less impressed in terms of durability, but on the other hand, it sometimes still showed its limits and led to various display issues.

New foldables coming in the summer

The same technology with small refinements here and there eventually made its way to other foldable smartphones, including the Fold 3 … (read more)

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