Samsung Trolls Google Over Pixel 3 Announcements with Knee Slapping Tweets

Samsung doesn’t make fun of its rivals too often, but when it does, you may end up with a rib pain (because of the hard laughing, you know).

This is what happened a few hours ago, shortly after Google announced its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and everyone moved to Twitter to express their disappointment over the new phones.

But in addition to Google, whose employees were probably watching the whole Bronx cheering silently from a dark room with only the PC screen lighting up the walls, there was another company that was keeping an eye on the #madebygoogle hashtag.

It was Samsung, the wordsmith of mobile phone makers who decided to use this occasion to troll its rivals and actually capitalize on Google’s failure to impress with its smartphones.

Samsung and the notch

So what Samsung did was reply with a series of humorous tweets to people complaining about the lack of innovations on Google’s Pixel 3 models, while also mocking the gigantic notch that its… (read more)

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