Samsung to Launch Its Flagships at Different Dates for Obvious Reasons

Samsung has reportedly made the decision of not launching the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy Z Flip 2 together in January for a reason that just makes sense: the company wants to avoid the two cannibalizing each other, especially since they’re not both positioned as flagships.

In other words, while the Galaxy S21 is now projected to go live in mid-January, with sales to then start later the same month, the new Galaxy Z Flip will most likely go live after the first quarter of 2021, according to a report from South Korea media.

And this makes total sense. Samsung would give the Galaxy S21 more exclusive time on the market before launching the Z Fold 2, thus making sure customers would actually be interested in giving in a try rather than go for the more innovative model.

Similar approach already being used

While this might sound like a rather smart approach to prevent the two phones fro… (read more)

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