Samsung SmartThings Find Is Getting Voice Commands Support

Samsung has just announced that the SmartThings Find ecosystem is getting new capabilities, including Bixby integration for hands-free searches.

In other words, if you’re trying to search for a specific device, you no longer have to touch your phone, as interacting with Bixby is all it takes to determine the location.

“Users will now be able to use Bixby for convenient hands-free, voice-activated Galaxy SmartTag searches. Users can easily and quickly find their belongings by calling out the SmartTag’s name to Bixby; for instance, if the user asks “Hi Bixby, where’s my bike?” Bixby will immediately find and share its exact location by ringing it,” Samsung explains.

At this point, Samsung has only announced Bixby integration, so no other assistant is currently able to interact with SmartTags.

Launching next week

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