Samsung Reminds Everybody the Galaxy Note Is Dead

Samsung has brought the S Pen to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and naturally, many people saw this as the end of the Galaxy Note series.

After all, the differentiating factor on the Galaxy Note, especially on the latest generations, was the stylus, so in many ways, by bringing this feature to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has made the Note a redundant device.

The South Korean company has already confirmed that the Note is an abandoned product, but now TM Roh, the President of Samsung Electronics, has provided a little bit more context on the reasons for this decision.

More specifically, the Samsung executive says the company killed off the Note because the device more or less lives on as a Galaxy S Ultra model.

“Starting this year, the Galaxy Note will appear in the form of S Ultra every year,” he said according to tipster IceUniverse.

Samsung first teased the death of the Note in December … (read more)

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