Samsung Refuses to Pay Apple $539M for Patent Infringement, Asks for a Retrial

It looks like the never-ending legal battle between Apple and Samsung is far from over as the South Korean stated last week that it refuses to honor the amount of money for infringing Apple’s iPhone design patents.

On May 24, 2018, after more than seven years and three retrials, a jury ordered Samsung, a South Korean multinational electronics company, to pay the sum of $533,316,606 USD for the three design patents and another $5,325,050 USD for other two iPhone design elements Apple claimed it stole from them.

Intially, Apple wanted Samsung to pay $1B in damages for patent infringement, but Samsung said it should pay only $28 million. Finally, Apple win the legal battle last month, but now Samsung refuses to pay the amount of money ordered by the jury, asking the court on Thursday for a retrial, according to <a href="… (read more)

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