Samsung Pay No Longer Works on Non-Samsung Phones, Everybody Confused

While you may be tempted to think that Samsung Pay is exclusive to Samsung smartphones, it is now, as the South Korean company knew that such a restriction would have limited its audience in a substantial manner.

As a result, Samsung Pay can also be enabled on non-Samsung phones, as long as a Samsung smartwatch with payment support is paired with the device.

In other words, you can also use Samsung Pay without having a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Not anymore, it seems, as reports online reveal that Samsung Pay has mysteriously stopped working on non-Samsung phones for a reason that nobody can figure out just yet.

No official word from Samsung just yet

Most users are getting an “ID not valid” error when trying to activate Samsung Pay.

“Same here. Pixel 6 Pro with Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Id not valid when trying to activate Samsung Pay watch plug in. Uninstalling/Installing all Samsung apps in the phone and restoring the watch to factory presets d… (read more)

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