Samsung Officially Abandons the Galaxy S8

For many people out there, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 represented quite a design revolution, as it was the first modern smartphone to drop the home button and go for gesture-based navigation.

It was a model that significantly increased the available screen estate by using smaller bezels, and thanks to Samsung’s high-quality screens, the Galaxy S8 was a model that totally impressed everybody.

But at the end of the day, the S8 and the S8+ are two models that got to see the daylight no less than four years ago, and while Samsung has struggled to continue supporting this model with biannual updates, it’s now the time to completely give up on this model.

So Samsung has officially dropped support for the standard Galaxy S8 lineup, with the April 2021 security patch currently the last update available for the device.

On the other hand, both the Galaxy S8 Lite and the Galaxy S8 Active are still being supported, so if you use one of the two, you can continue using it with the sa… (read more)

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