Samsung Now Lets Users Disable the Bixby Button

Samsung has finally listened to the community and people can now choose to disable the Bixby button on their devices.

The latest generation of Samsung Galaxy, the S8 line, comes with a dedicated button for Bixby, the personal assistant. It’s not really clear why Samsung chose to build a new assistant or if they have long-term plans for it, but it’s there, and it can’t be disabled; until now that is.

Having the assistant open with the help of a button makes sure that people don’t have to say “Ok Google,” and it’s not depended on a software button. On the other hand, it’s hard to press a software button by mistake, and the same goes for saying “Ok Google” by mistake. This resulted in a lot of Bixby activations.

We also have to keep in mind that not many people will choose to use a personal assistant. In fact, they probably outnumber the people that do use it. Since there was no way to disable the button, the situation quickly became annoying.

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