Samsung Galaxy S9 Has the Best Display Ever Made, DisplayMate Says

The latest in-depth analysis published by DisplayMate reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S9 simply has the best smartphone screen ever made, managing to beat the previous holder of this title, iPhone X.

In the company’s technical research, DisplayMate explains that the Samsung Galaxy S9 sets a new record for high absolute color accuracy, as it reaches a record value that makes it “visually indistinguishable from perfect.”

Furthermore, the screen is no less than 20 percent brighter than the one on the Galaxy S8, with a peak display brightness of 1130 nits. Additionally, it has the highest contrast ratio and the lowest screen reflectance at 4.4 percent. DisplayMate says the screen also offers the highest contrast rating and ambient light and the smallest brightness variation with viewing angle.

Beating the iPhone X

The Samsung Galaxy S9 receives the highest ever A+ grade offered by Dis… (read more)

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