Samsung Galaxy S8 Components Cost More Compared to Previous Models

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is more expensive than last year’s Galaxy S7, because its internals have higher prices than its predecessor. The bill of materials reveals that Samsung must spend more money to manufacture the Galaxy S8, compared to the Galaxy S7.

The bill of materials, revealed by IHS Markit, shows that components inside the Galaxy S8 carry a total price tag of $301.60 and with the added $5.9 manufacturing expenses, the bill reaches $307.50 for each unit. This means that Samsung must pay $43.34 more than for the Galaxy S7 to manufacture it.

The Galaxy S8 is also more expensive to manufacture than the Galaxy S7 edge by $36.29. Sadly, the report doesn’t reveal the price for each component, but it does reveal that the NAND flash memory and DRAM cost $41.50 combined, while the 3,000mAh battery has a price of $4.50.

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