Samsung Galaxy S7 Catches Fire While Charging, Causes Damages and Injuries

Another phone has reportedly caught fire while charging and, unsurprisingly, it’s a Samsung model that was plugged in with the original charger.

A 20-year-old woman from South Korea left her Samsung Galaxy S7 charging in her room using the original accessories that the company provided in the box when purchasing the device. The smartphone caught fire all of a sudden, with sparks from the fire damaging the furniture and the floor, while also causing burns on the woman’s hands.

The owner explained for the Korea Herald that the phone didn’t previously suffer any damage and she only used the original charger and cable that Samsung supplied when purchasing the device.

The phone was submitted to the local Samsung service center the same day it caught fire, and the company returned it two days later, with the woman sending it to the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards for further inspection in ord… (read more)

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