Samsung Galaxy S21 Could Use an Old Snapdragon Chip If This Rumor Is True

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is obviously expected to come with the latest and greatest in terms of hardware when it goes live in the spring of the next year, but if a new rumor is anything to go by, this might no longer be the case.

And it’s all because the South Korean company is actually pondering using an older chip on the Galaxy S21 in an attempt to keep the price low.

While I think this is very unlikely, especially because the Galaxy S21 can only impress if it uses the latest hardware available at launch, and it’s by definition a flagship, a report today claims the Snapdragon 865 processor could stick around for a little longer than we originally expected.

This is the chip that’s powering the Galaxy S20, and there’s a chance it’ll be the chip powering the Galaxy S21 too, if the new rumors are true.

Exynos 1000 on more models

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