Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Almost a Nightmare to Repair

If you’re thinking of breaking open a Samsung Galaxy S10, you better stop dreaming, because the experts at iFixit have just tested the device and their conclusion isn’t by any means good news.

The Galaxy S10 received a repairability score of just 3 points out of a maximum of 10, and it’s mainly because of the amount of adhesive that Samsung used to keep everything in place.

Basically, dismantling a Galaxy S10 should be such a difficult thing to do because a single Phillips driver takes care of all the screws. But on the other hand, the simple fact that the glass front and back is glued-down with a ton of adhesive means there’s a good chance the body could break into pieces when trying to remove it.

USB-C port soldered to the motherboard

The area that’s mostly impacted by this is the screen, as iFixit notes that repairing the display requires a lot of effort due to tough adhesive.

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