Samsung Announces Massive 108Mp Image Sensor for Smartphones, First of Its Kind

Samsung just announced, in partnership with Xiaomi, the development of the first 108MP image sensor for phones.

Using smartphones to call people up is no longer the primary purposes for a long time. People use their phones, mostly, to take photos and browse the Internet. And while improving the browsing experience can only go so far, the photography component still has a lot of room for innovations.

Some of you might be skeptic about massive increases in the size of the image sensor, and for a good reason. You can always try to provide a camera with more megapixels, buy the small size of the phone constrains how big the sensor can be. And the more MP you squeeze out of a sensor, the more noise is going to produce.

It’s not just about megapixels

The new sensor is called ISOCELL Bright HMX, and it’s the result of a Xiaomi – Samsung partnership. Their goal is simple, and that is to offer users a way to take photos with their phone that would otherwi… (read more)

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