Samsung Accidentally Exposes Source Code for Apps in Massive Data Breach

Samsung is now investigating a massive data leak that might have exposed the source code to outside parties for several projects, including Bixby and SmartThings.

When we head about data leaks, we usually imagine that the company in question was the victim of hackers, but it turns out that in Samsung’s case it was just negligence. As opposed to users names, emails, and passwords, the data leak involves the source code for some of their applications. And that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

At best, no one figured out that they could have accessed the resources and the opened door remained unopened. At worst, some people got access not only to the source code of Bixby and SmartThings but to some other projects as well.

Just some old-fashioned carelessness

The problem was discovered by Mossab Hussein, a security researcher for SpiderSilk. He noticed that a number of Samsung’s projects were a… (read more)

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