Pixel 3's Fast Wireless Charging Only Works with Google's Pixel Stand

Google locked the fast Qi wireless charging for their Pixel 3 smartphone to the Pixel Stand, their hardware solution for fast wireless charging, forcing all third-party Qi wireless chargers to use the much slower 5W charging mode.

As reported by Android Police, one of their readers accidentally found out using the Ampere app that a 10W Anker wireless charger wasn’t able to fast charge his Pixel 3 but, instead, it would provide at most 500mA.

Things get even worse since the Pixel 3 was actually reporting that fast wireless charging feature was used, with a “Charging rapidly” messages being displayed on the device’s screen.

A Google spokesperson told Android Police that the company’s Pixel 3 smartphone was designed to be fast charged only when the user would use a Pixel Stand because of a built-in “secure handshake” feature.

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