People Don't Care About the Phone's Headphone Jack, Survey Reveals

A new survey from Ting, Ting Mobile, a postpaid MVNO mobile phone service from the United States revealed a lot of interesting things about users, including the fact that they don’t really care about the headphone jack.

If you followed the news in the past couple of years, you would be tempted to think that all the users are up in arms by the manufacturer’s decisions to remove the headphone jack. It’s a growing trend, and it most likely means that things are changing forever, in this regard, in the smartphone industry.

But until now, we didn’t have any hard data regarding the overall usage of the headphone jack in the real community. We only had the fury and ire of the online community when they found out they can’t charge their phone and listen to music as well, not to mention that they had to ditch their old headphones as well.

People don’t actually care

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