ownCloud for Android 2.5 App Released with New Secure Authentication Workflow

Looks like ownCloud is still alive and kicking, and they’ve just released an updated version of their mobile app for Android handsets, versioned 2.5.0, which introduces a new security authentication workflow and other improvements.

The best feature of the ownCloud for Android 2.5 app is support for the OAuth 2 authorization framework designed to enable apps to get limited access to user accounts on an HTTP service like Facebook or GitHub. This adds an extra layer of security when you communicate with an ownCloud cloud server.

“OAuth 2 is a mechanism that prevents you from storing your credentials on the device itself,” said ownCloud in the release notes. “The device gets a token by the server which can be revoked any time. This means there are no login credentials on the device which could be read by thefts.”

Improved stability, other enhancements

Among other enhancements tha… (read more)

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