Opera VPN Is Shutting Down for Android and iOS

The Opera VPN service for Android and iOS is shutting down on April 30, 2018, but a paid alternative is being offered.

Users usually underestimate the ability to use a VPN, but the truth is that it’s a really useful tool. It’s also important to mention that most of the VPN services out there that offer this type of service are not doing it for free.

Maintaining an infrastructure of VPN servers across the world is not cheap or free, and most of the time companies that offer it for free are getting funding in other ways, like ads for example. In any case, the official Opera VPN app is going away, and it will be missed.

No reason for the shutdown

Why Opera VPN is going to be shutdown remains a mystery, at least for now. While it’s not hard to guess that it probably has something to do with costs, it would have been nice to know what’s behind this decision.

“We’re discontinuing the Opera VPN app for iOS and Android on April 30, 2018. But don’t worry… (read more)

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