Nubia Alpha Is Both a Smartwatch and a Smartphone with a Flexible Screen

While many smartwatch manufacturers are struggling to upgrade their devices with LTE support in order to make them work independently from smartphones, the engineers over at ZTE decided to sit down and think of something that’s a lot simpler: why not build a smartphone that’s also a smartwatch?

This is exactly how the Nubia Alpha came to be, as it’s essentially a smartphone that doubles as a smartwatch thanks to a flexible 4-inch display.

The whole idea is extremely simple: the display of the smartphone wraps around your wrist and thus gives birth to the smartwatch, letting you easily access menus and do whatever you do on a watch.

While it doesn’t feature the sleekest design I’ve seen given it’s also a smartphone, the Nubia Alpha, which by the way isn’t an alpha but a final product, sports the typical smartwatch features, including fitness tracking if you want to use it for working out.

Running AlphaOS

The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdr… (read more)

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