Nokia 3310 Remains the Chuck Norris of Phones as It Survives Durability Test – Video

One of the things that everyone remembers about the original Nokia 3310 is that it was pretty much impossible to break, so you could throw it off a cliff, get it run over by a car, or play catch with the phone because after all of these, it was still working just fine.

So when Nokia launched the modern version of Nokia 3310 earlier this year, the company had no other choice than to make it at least as durable as the original model, and it turns out that some level, they did manage to achieve this.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything performed his typical durability test on a brand-new Nokia 3310, and while it fails the scratching challenge, it does perform amazingly in the case of bending.

Plastic all over the place

Getting a Nokia 3310 scratched is not quite a difficult thing to do because it’s all made of plastic, and not even the camera or the display is covered by a different materia… (read more)

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