Nintendo Announces Mario Kart Tour for Smartphones

Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart to smartphones sometime in the next year. If we’re lucky that could mean 2018; if not, then we’re looking at a March 2019 release.

Nintendo is an odd company, but pretty much everything that it makes turns to gold, with some exceptions. Let’s not forget the abysmal disaster that we call Wii U, but that’s already in the past. Their latest endeavor, the Nintendo Switch is an amazing success and the company’s plans for it are grandiose, to say the least.

In fact, Nintendo just announced that the Switch Online service will be available by the end of the fiscal year (March 2019) and that in itself is great news. But, in a style that could only be attributed to Nintendo, the company also announced, in passing, that Mobile Kart is coming to smartphones.

“BTW, we’re bringing Mario Kart to smartphones, bye”

After Nintendo reported their earnings for the previous year and presented their plans for the future, they also said … (read more)

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