Motorola To Bring Back The Batwing Boot Logo in Upcoming Phones

The Hello Moto slogan and the batwing boot logo have been some of the main ways for consumers to recognize Motorola phones. Motorola was bought by Lenovo two years ago and the company has been focusing on integrating the unit inside Lenovo’s mobile division.

What followed was a rebranding process for the American manufacturer and Lenovo even announced that it would get rid of the Motorola name and use the Moto branding from now on. Moto G4 and Moto Z lines followed and the boot animation was modified in order to say simply Moto. The batwing logo was still there, but it didn’t stand out like before.

However, Moto USA has revealed that the batwing logo will be kept and posted a video with a marketing campaign to promote the Hello Moto slogan. Motorola first used the Hello Moto tagline in 2002 and it seems that it will be used in future marketing campaigns from now on.

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