Mandrake Linux Founder Announces Android OS Without Google Apps

Gael Duval, who is mostly known as the founder of Mandrake Linux, has turned his attention to mobile platforms, developing a new Android version that comes without any Google apps.

Called eelo, the new Android fork is entirely focused on free and open-source apps, with plans to expand beyond the mobile world and evolve into a full ecosystem that includes a PC operating system and features that are currently developed by tech giants, including digital assistants.

At this point, eelo is mostly an improved version of LineageOS with a new launcher and new app collection, but Duval promises to focus heavily on privacy.

“eelo is going to inform users why data-slavery is not a fate. And eelo will provide credible alternatives to users who care about their data-privacy: mobile phones and smartphone operating systems, and associated web-services. On the long term we want to provide a full digital ecosystem, including PC operating systems, personal assistants, web APIs,” th… (read more)

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