LG Giving Full Refunds for Some Defective Nexus 5X Units

LG Nexus 5X, one of the last year Nexus smartphones is still going to be supported by Google for one more year or so through regular software updates. But what about the hardware, what happens if your phone starts suffering from various internal issues that makes it inoperable?

Well, it’s pretty simple, as you have two options: either send it to the manufacturer for repairs which are covered by the warranty, or pay from your own pocket if you haven’t bought it through official channels.

If it’s the first option that applies to you, then the manufacturer will try and replicate the issue and then fix it by replacing the defective part. If it can’t be repaired you are usually given a refurbished unit of the same model.

But what happens if neither of these options apply? The only solution would be to receive a full refund from the manufacturer. Well, it appears that LG has just started to offer full refunds to some <a href="http://news.softpedia.com/news/google-nexus-… (read more)

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