iPhone XS Max Catches Fire in Man's Pocket, Allegedly

A man from Ohio, United States, claims that his brand-new iPhone XS Max caught fire in this back pocket after just three weeks of use.

Smartphones on fire still bring back fresh memories of the Samsung Note debacle, and each time something like that happens people notice. It’s also true that those types of incidents seem to happen rarely, despite the fact that batteries are getting bigger.

Also, interesting enough, it also looks like iPhones are the ones with this problem, for the most part. And while the chances of your phone catching fire out of the blue are pretty slim, they’re not quite zero, and you should keep that thought in the back of your mind.

iPhone XS Max is hot of the shelf and into a man’s pocket

Josh Hillard from Ohio says that he felt his iPhone XS Max hot in his back pocket, and it was quickly followed by thick smoke. He was in a break room at that time, with a female colleague. He ran out, took his pant off, and someone else th… (read more)

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