iPhone 7 Plus vs. OnePlus 5: The Camera Review

After seeing the OnePlus alive and kicking, there’s one big question that everyone seems to be having these days: is it enough for OnePlus to copy the camera approach used by Apple, the features and certain software UI parts that you typically find on an iPhone to truly build a smartphone that makes no compromises?

To figure out the answer, we put the two to an in-depth camera test in different conditions and scenarios, using their auto settings and HDR on where it was needed, but with slight brightness adjustments in certain cases. The photo test was performed on the same day, with the same light, and in the same conditions to correctly emphasize the differences between the two.

Technically speaking, OnePlus already has a slight advantage, at least on paper, thanks to its brighter lens (1.7 vs. 1.8) and the bigger sensor (1/2.8 vs. 1/3). Furthermore, photo resolu… (read more)

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