Instabridge Review – Get Access to Free or Password-Protected Wi-Fi

Instabridge is a great application for users who rely on Wi-fi connections for their data usage or for people that want to get access to any public or password-protected Wi-fi hotspot that’s been shared by the community.

If you don’t want to waste your mobile data plan, you need to connect to a Wi-fi. That’s all nice and easy to do if you’re at work or at home, where you don’t have any limitations, but what happens when you’re in town or on a trip?

One solution would be to research ahead of time where some of the free Wi-fi hotspots are, especially if you’re going on a vacation, but that’s both tiresome and a hassle. Sure, you can always go to a McDonalds or KFC, where you know you’ll find a somewhat OK and free hotspot, but what kind of a solution is that?

Another solution would be to keep checking your phone and get lucky to spot a free Wi-fi into the wild, but that’s also unlikely. Most of the Wi-fi hotspots are protected by a password, especially nowadays when… (read more)

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