Huawei Working on Wireless Phone Accessories a la Moto Mod

The next few generations of Huawei phones could come with support for wireless cases powering a series of new capabilities in a way that reminds of Motorola’s Moto Mod platform.

A Bluetooth SIG filling spotted by AA reveals that Huawei wants to add support for new cases that would connect to phones wirelessly in order to add new features to the handhelds.

The listing describes all these accessories as “smart devices,” and includes what appear to be game cases, health cases, snorkeling cases, and amplification cases.

In plain English, this most likely means that Huawei is working on a game controller that would convert a Huawei smartphone into a portable gaming console, a case with advanced waterproofing for taking photos underwater, as well as on a case that integrates a speaker for listening to music.

The Bluetooth S… (read more)

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