Huawei Unveils Harmony OS as the Official Android Replacement

Huawei has finally unveiled Harmony OS, the Android replacement operating system that’ supposed to keep them afloat if the trade war between the United States and China goes on for much longer.

Every company that builds phones dreams of a day when they don’t have to pay royalties to Google for using their Android OS. That can only be done by making their own operating system, and it’s not like they haven’t tried.

In fact, Android had a lot of competition over the years and some of the biggest names on the market, like Microsoft and Samsung, tried to put a dent into this monopoly. Neither Samsung or Microsoft was able to build a worthy adversary, despite having the resource to do it.

Harmony OS is born out of necessity

The United States put a lot of pressure on Huawei by not allowing American companies to do business with Chinese conglomerate, and one of the problems was the use of Android. Even though Huawei got an extension, it’s clear that the … (read more)

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