Huawei Trolls Samsung with Gigantic Ad on Top of Flagship Store

Huawei has made it a priority to become the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer by the end of 2020, and part of its strategy is a smart marketing push that involves occasional mocking of its rivals.

After previously parking trucks highlighting its products just in front of an Apple Store, Huawei is now going after Samsung, whose new flagship store in a Brisbane shopping center ended up with a gigantic ad just on top of it.

The Chinese manufacturer seems to have purchased the right place to advertise its new P30 and P30 Pro, as everyone stepping into the flagship Samsung store can’t help but notice the gigantic Huawei ad only a few inches above their heads.

Huawei’s phone sales skyrocketing

While some believe that Huawei is playing dirty and these attempts are nothing more than cheap attempts to boost phone sales, it all seems to be working neatly for the Chinese phone m… (read more)

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