How to Enable YouTube’s Dark Theme on Android

Users love dark themes, there’s no doubt about it, and these days every single app developer should be thinking of adding such a visual style to their apps.

In fact, even tech giants like Microsoft got this message, and after years of offering File Explorer, the default Windows file manager, with a light theme, they are now building a dark theme too.

As one of the largest app makers on Android, Google heard the feedback and knew that its apps needed a dark theme. And while some are still in the works, YouTube has already received such an update, though you may not necessarily discover it easily.

YouTube has silently been updated to feature a dark theme on Android, but needless to say, it’s not enabled by default. And what’s more, you may not even see this option just yet.

Fortunately, if you’re running the latest version of the YouTube app on Android, you can actually do the whole thing manually, though we expect the feature to show up for everyone in the coming … (read more)

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