How Google Chrome Makes the Web Dark on Android and How to Try Out This Feature

A dark mode is already available in Google Chrome on both mobile and on the desktop, but the search giant wants to push things even further with a feature that would technically make the content on websites dark as well.

Early implementations of this feature have been around for a while in the Canary builds of Google Chrome, but more recently, the company reached another milestone on Android, significantly refining the experience with this dark mode for web content.

In just a few words, what Google wants to do is make the entire web easier on the eyes by simply adjusting colors, like the page backgrounds, turning everything to dark or at least to darker colors.

Needless to say, one big challenge for such a feature is to keep colors untouched in a way that doesn’t affect the experience on websites, especially because this involves changing some settings of each page.

One of the essential parts of this behavior is the page background, which as you can see in the sc… (read more)

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