Google to Release Incognito Mode for Google Maps

As part of its efforts to improve privacy, Google is getting ready to release a new feature for Google Maps users.

A brand-new Incognito mode for Google Maps will go live in the coming weeks, according to an official announcement released by the company itself earlier this week.

The Google Maps Incognito mode will have the same goal as in Google Chrome, for instance: it will stop user tracking, so any data related to your activity within the app should no longer be stored. For example, no matter what you search in Google Maps, that data will no longer be saved.

Places and directions that you receive will thus remain anonymous and won’t be tied to your Google Account.

Available on all supported platforms

Enabling the Incognito mode in Google Maps will be an easy process, as demoed by Google in the tweet you can check out at the end of article. All you have to do is to click the Google Account profile picture in Google Maps and then tap the option… (read more)

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