Google Says Android 12L Will Launch This Year on Several Tablets

Google has announced that Android 12L, an operating system that was designed with tablets in mind, will go live later this year on products from several companies, including Microsoft.

Android 12L is obviously optimized for larger displays, and Google explains that it built the operating system specifically to take full advantage of the increased screen estate.

In other words, Android 12L is still Android but with a substantially improved UI that makes more sense on tablets.

“The bigger the screen, the more space there is for relevant information. With 12L, we’re optimizing the display for the home screen, lock screen, notification shade, device set-up screens, settings and beyond, so they look even better on tablet and foldable screens,” the company explains.

“For example, we heard from you that the most common reason for swiping down to your notification shade is to check and clear your notifications. On 12L, we moved notifications and quick tiles to their own … (read more)

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