Google Play Store Review Scores to Account for Recent Reviews

Google Play Store apps reviews are going to be recalculated starting this summer and will significantly impact pretty much every app.

Having lifetime scores on apps from the Google Play Store doesn’t really make sense. If an app is not all that good when it’s initially launched but continues to get improved over time, it will never be able to shake that initial bad start.

The reverse is true as well, which means that that if an app had a good review for most if its life, and suddenly stops working, it would take a long time for the review score to reflect that, if ever. Moving to a new type of reviews is the way to go.

Not the first ones

The idea to show a review score based on the latest reviews is not exactly original. For example, Steam moved on to such a review score system specifically to show that some games could get better after patches and DLCs. It’s also true that Steam has a much more advanced system that’s light years ahead of what Go… (read more)

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