Google Play Store Lost 1 Million Apps in the Last 4 Years, Actually a Good Thing

The number of apps available on the Google Play Store has declined substantially in the last four years, according to new research, and while the numbers might be concerning for some, they actually highlight a welcome improvement for the app store.

More specifically, an analysis conducted by indicates that the number of apps published on the Google Play Store dropped from 36 million apps back in March 2018 to fewer than 2.6 million apps in March this year.

And in case you’re wondering how come the app store lost 1 million apps in 4 years, it all comes down to Google’s efforts to protect users and prevent apps from violating its policies.

Not bad news at all

The analysis shows that Google removed nearly 1 million apps because they violated its terms of service, but even so, the Google Play Store re… (read more)

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