Google Mistakenly Releases Google Chrome “Clankium” for Android

The latest update for Google Chrome Canary on Android came with a major surprise, and this time it’s not a new feature that I’m talking about.

Once installed, the update renamed Google Chrome Canary to Clankium and changes its icon to a dinosaur that’s hatching out of its shell. At this point, users were divided in two different parts.

First, there are those users who thought Google would change the name and the icon of its browser, and Clankium would be the name going forward. And second, some thought their devices got hacked or something like this, especially because the Chrome icon was nowhere to be seen.

Accidental release

And yet, there’s no reason to worry about this surprising Clankium release.

As it turns out, it was all just an accident, as Clankium is an internal codename that Google uses for the development of the browser, along with the icon that you might be seeing now on your Android device.

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